Price Tag: Now $1.88 Billion and climbing

of Taxpayers Money - The Biggest Infrastructure Project In Saskatchewan History.

Serious Safety Concerns

Concerns include the height of the overpass and the potential for icing and freezing during the winter months, as well as the overpass intersecting railway tracks, high voltage power lines, and the risks associated with the more complex bridge structure.

Why Tower Road?

The City of Regina residential developments are currently located just ΒΌ mile from the proposed bypass location, which is within City limits. The Gravel Pit Road location will be a longer-term solution, allowing 25-50 years of City growth.

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Our goal is to make the government take a sober second look at the proposed location of the new Regina bypass. WHY TOWER ROAD?

View the Regina Committee for an alternative bypass solution presentation:

A safer, cost effective, true bypass alternative.

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Why Should you Be Concerned? 

  •    - Tower Road Bypass location is within city limits.
  •    - Private Developers continue to profit heavily off of individual and corporate taxpayers' hard earned dollars.
  •    - The high speed curves over the Railway tracks near Tower Road have been proven to be unsafe.
  •    - Arcola Avenue will become as congested as Victoria Avenue.
  •    - The proposed diverging diamond interchange at Pilot Butte is confusing and is proven to be unsafe.
  •    - The government continues to hide key information from the general public on this project. In a true democracy, we must demand our government to be transparent, open and accountable.
  •    - There have been significant concerns raised by taxpayers in regards to the chosen location of Tower Road, none of which have been adequately addressed by government officials, even after repeated requests for meetings and answers.

 CTV News: Push to change Regina Bypass route goes into overdrive

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June 1, 2015  MONDAY MORNING COMMENTARY BY LEADER RICK SWENSON on the Regina Highway #1 Bypass

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Poor Government Spending:

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GTH Landsale Scandal:

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Government is hiding facts:

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Secret government meetings:

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Already a failure:

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Proposed Bypass Location:




Why Tower Road?

There is an undisputed need to better manage the traffic in East Regina. 

Most taxpayers are hopeful that the 1.2 BILLION dollars about to be spent on the bypass will do just that, however, given that the bypass is not expected by the City of Regina to function as a bypass at all, but as a new Ring Road, commuters and truckers alike will likely be disappointed by the East Regina bypass.

If the purpose of the bypass was to provide a 50 year solution to the traffic congestion, putting the bypass within current city limits is short-sighted at best.

The proposed location near Tower Road does not allow for a future northern connection, as current developments in the area preclude easy access.

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An additional 1920 people have signed the petition offline!