Serious safety concerns exist with respect to the proposed Tower Road location. Concerns include the height of the overpass and the potential for icing and freezing during the winter months, as well as the overpass intersecting railway tracks, high voltage power lines, and the risks associated with the more complex bridge structure. 

As well, serious safety issues exist regarding the Diverging Diamond Interchange planned for Pilot Butte.  High speed curved roads of up to 30 feet high above the railway tracks? There are already frequent accidents near the current straight and level rail overpass. These tracks carry oil and other flammable/noxious loads multiple times a day. An explosion or debris from accidents above landing on the tracks could make the route impassable for months. Icing, frost and high winds are already an issue on straight grade level roadways. Drivers on the Belle Plaine overpass are already familiar with the wind factor on a straight road with minimal raised portions: adding curves will no doubt add danger.